Thursday, July 10, 2008

AHRQ Solicitations Forthcoming

The NIH has recently published a Notice of Intent to Publish Program Announcements for Health Information Technology to Improve Health Care Quality.
What does this notice cover? Quoting:

This Notice announces AHRQ’s intention to publish Research Demonstration Grants (R18), Exploratory Developmental Grants (R21), and Small Research Grants (R03) Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA’s) to fund health information technology (IT) research.

The R18 FOA will support demonstration research grants that rigorously study the leveraging of health IT implementation to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and efficiency of health care in ambulatory settings and to support transitions in care between ambulatory settings or ambulatory and non-ambulatory settings.

The R21 FOA will support health IT exploratory and developmental research projects. These R21 health IT research grants will support the conduct of pilot or feasibility studies that are needed to inform future health IT implementation efforts which may include but are not limited to the conduct of a health IT Research Demonstration FOA Grant (R18).

The R03 FOA will support small research grants that can be carried out in a limited period of time. These R03 health IT research grants will support the conduct of small, self-contained health IT research projects; economic analyses of health IT implementation; and, secondary data analyses of health IT research.

Publication and Receipt. The FOAs are expected to be published by the end of August, 2008.

Details on application receipt dates can be found at:


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